DigiCloud Ltd established since June 2009 to specifically serve small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across New Zealand.

DigiCloud's goal is to provide Enterprise-Class Hosted Server and Appliance Services, Local Private Cloud Computing Solutions, Remote Storage Services (RSS) and Regionally Diverse Disaster Recovery (DR) Storage Solutions. 


Vitrtual Cloud Computing

DigiCloud's full-service, Virtual Cloud Computing Environments enable customers to focus on what matters most  - their own core business goals and business growth. Using VMware virtualization technology, DigiCloud has created managed cloud hosting solutions that provide high availability, scalable and cost-effective operating models for customer Server & Storage Infrastructure without sacrificing security or performance.

Savings, Security and Control

Computing Infrastructure can be shifted from capital expenditure to fixed monthly operating expense with predictable monthly fees.   DigiCloud's Cloud Computing environments are; cost-effective, industry compliant and secure.  Security to protect your business information against breaches, viruses, tampering, intrusion or theft.